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However, with some of the current race issues, it’s important to also address the less comical sides of low-key racist remarks (and high-key remarks). I mean people that subscribe to that group have blown up organizations that perform abortions.

Two of us felt the need to follow-up with some of the more serious issues of living in Laramie. BLM is trying to make people in this country realize that this country places little value on the lives of Black people.

If you’re overly sensitive about race issues, this may not be the space for you. This country doesn't care about us and BLM is trying to change that.

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I know, this would require you to see outside of your own experience. It is one of the first things you notice about a person. Understand that these comments occur frequently, and we’re more than happy to unpack some of the feelings that accompany what we discuss. If you kill someone unjustly you should go to jail. I know when this phrase is used that it’s essentially a backhanded compliment. When I decided to come to the University of Wyoming, my parents joked about the lack of black people in Laramie.

Little did I know, I would have stories for every family get-together for the next four years.On the other hand, people never assume I’m in college because of my academics or by my own merit.

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